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Below you will find information on how to order and receive your prints. If you don't see an answer you're looking for, please contact us at and we will be happy to help :)

What Is Your Currency?

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Why are Jibe Prints sold unframed?

There are 3 main reasons for this:

#1 – MORE CHOICES FOR YOU – we love curation as much as we love personalization so we wanted to give you the freedom to choose a frame that will fit your home and thus, you obviously can shop anywhere you like and have more choices available to you than we could ever provide!

#2 – LOWER PRICES – there is no handling and framing on our part, meaning less markup cost to you! Not to mention your print will weigh close to nothing so we can keep your shipping cost low!

#3 – FASTER TURNAROUND AND SHIPPING – your print is shipped as soon as it’s produced! You don’t have to wait for us to be the middle man in receiving, framing and re-packaging!

Our Print Sizes

The below graphic shows the relative scale of our four main sizes available. Trish in this image is approximately 5'6" tall.

Graphic depicting several sizes of Jibe Prints

Entering Your Names, Initials, And Dates

Depending on what print you are ordering, you may be asked to provide information to personalize your print. The personalization field should be just below the price on the product's page is required before you can proceed to checkout.

Please double check your information to ensure there are no spelling errors. 

If for whatever reason you do not see a box for entering your personalization on the product's page, please wait a few seconds or reload the page. 

Where Do I Enter The Promo Code?

If you have a promo/discount code to apply to your purchase, you can enter it at the checkout. The below graphic shows the checkout screen and the promo code field:

checkout screen and where to enter the promo code

Can I Order Something Completely Custom?

Glad you asked! First, have a look at our Custom Prints page to see available sizes and prices. This page will cover 80% of the request that we are used to coming in. Email us at and tell us more about what you would like. If you have any example images, sketches, etc. send them along with your request. We will evaluate your request to make sure it can fall under the prices you saw. For extra complicated projects we will provide a custom quote and a link from where to order. Once you agree to the price, you can purchase the custom print of choice and leave a note in the checkout referencing your request so we can match it with our email communication. You will receive a proof for your order and once we have your approval, we will proceed to production and the print will get shipped to you.

Please note that our sales and promotions are not valid on custom prints. However, if you are new to our website, and you sign up to our emails, you will receive a 20% Off promo code that can be applied to your entire first order, including custom prints. 

I Can't See My Personalizations In The Cart

That's OK! Once you move on to the Checkout, you will see your personalization next to each item you are ordering. If you see a typo here, go back to your Cart and remove this item, then go back to the product page and order the item again with correct personalization. Below graphic shows a preview of the personalization at the Checkout stage of your purchase:

screenshot of the checkout and preview of the personalization being ordered

Do I Get A Proof With My Order?

We do not provide proofs with your order. (However... we get it! Sometimes, you just want to see what it will look like. If you request a preview, after you've made a purchase, we will email it to you.) Your custom information will be set up in the same font and style you see on the original print. Rest assured that if we make a mistake, we will immediately ship you a correct print at no cost to you. See our Returns Policy for more information.

How Do My Prints Get Shipped?

Your prints will arrive packed either between two flat sheets of cardboard or rolled in a cardboard tube depending on the size of your order.

For shipping times and costs, please refer to Shipping & Returns page. 

Can I Return My Print?

Please view our Shipping & Returns page to view our Returns Policy.