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Manifesto Personalized Print in a modern white decor room

Manifesto Personalized Print


Each statement on your Manifesto holds the power to either provide guidance when you need it or infuse inspiration into your day. Your manifesto will be your tool to keep you mindful of your actions on the road to success. It’s a collective of truths and beliefs that propel a better life and it is signed by YOUR NAME on the bottom to truly make these words your own words to live by!

It's not just a black and white print! The manifesto is set on a subtle wood pattern and there is a fine grain texture on the words. Preview the last image in the lineup to view this detail.

  • Personalization: Name
  • Finish: Matte stock with smooth, rich texture
  • Sold unframed

Each month we unpackage the Manifesto's statements a bit further on our blog. Read the latest posts here:

YOU Shape Your LifeKnow Your WORTH

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