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2018 Color Trends

It mixes so well with neutrals and minimalistic décor. Plays so well with Hygge influence. It’s modern and it’s fresh.

Why this blush wave gained so much ground? It’s because it is not about the one color, it’s the whole mixed current of complimenting colors and textures... not so much about the blush in the wave, as it is about the wave itself!

2018 Color Trends - swatches and textures

In this post, we’ll share some swatches from different brands, showing their predictions for color trends in 2018 and you will see that... BLUSH / PINK… whichever end of the spectrum you prefer, you’re doing it right.  It’s here to stay!

2018 Colors Of The Year

Ok, full disclosure – there are other colors that have been chosen as THE color of the year by many brands. For example, in home decor, Benjamin Moore announced Caliente, which made a lot of people happy with such a bold shade of red. Sherwin-Williams’ Oceanside, a deep and moody bluish green is surely going to start appearing in a lot of homes. Dulux and its 2018 color of the year, Heart Wood – love that name! – is a calming shade that is so perfect as a feature color, without being loud and distracting.

Benjamin Moore Caliente, Sherwin Williams Oceanside, Dulux Heart Wood - 2018 paint colors of the year

2018 Color Trends

But the brands above and other trend-setting companies have entire mood boards and palettes that feature other colors. Those are the ones we pay attention to. Because after all, you don’t want to be outdated at the end of the year when the next IT color comes out. Seek out the underlying trends across different influencing industries instead of just one color that’s in the moment.

And the common trend for 2018 are the different shades and saturations of that powder pink, blush, coral, plum, mauve and warm sand. Of course, these are all slightly different colors but once you start looking, eagle eye at the full palettes, you'll start seeing how they all seem to fit into the same style and head in the same direction. And seriously, whoever comes up with some of these names... they are brilliant! Let’s look at few...

2018 Color Palettes


Sincerity palette from Sherwin Williams:

Sincerity by Sherwin-Williams - Color Trends For 2018

Benjamin Moore's full 2018 palette:

Benjamin Moore full color trends 2018 palette

Behr’s color trends 2018:

Behr's color trends for 2018


Vogue's Think Pink for SS18. As they call it "blushing color palette" - here are just a few color samples:

Vogue's Think Pink For SS18


Love Anthropologie? Some of their new arrivals:

Anthropologie's new arrivals


And all of those trends also spill out into the wedding industry of course. If you or someone you know is getting married, check out this article about The Hottest 6 Wedding Theme Trends For 2018. Loving these palettes:

Wedding Color Trends For 2018


So whether you're refreshing your home, doing a wardrobe overhaul, or The BIG Day is on the horizon... there is so much room for you to get creative with these colors in 2018.

But don’t forget that there is yet another trend that is worth looking at. It goes hand in hand with color…

And that is…

Textures for 2018!

If you haven’t noticed yet, copper and rose gold have been trending in home decor for a while. And now... marble, the 2018 color trends’ unbeatable companion is practically everywhere! Here’s what we LOVE about marble… it's a stone that can easily fall into the mix of the industrial look; it’s got just the right amount of natural subtle texture, lending itself seamlessly into the Minimalistic and the Normcore look; the veins of marble are flowing and soft, so it mixes perfectly with florals and pastels for a feminine touch. It’s sophisticated. It’s a classic.

We're not going to show you a ton of examples, you’ve got Pinterest for that, and we know YOU KNOW how to find what you need on Pinterest, girl ;) But if you'd like to obsess over some stunning tablescapes, check out this post Marble, Copper & Other 2018 Wedding Trends to Obsess Over or how about Monique Lhuillier & Pottery Barn partnership.


Want to plan your 2018 in style?  Get this free blush and marble 2018 printable calendar!

Personalized Wall Art

Any surprise we’ve got new personalized prints that include these trending color combinations?

For your home and workspace, Words Of Wisdom collection has some new arrivals for an inspired living in 2018! Don’t see a quote you like, or a shade you prefer? Let’s chat and create something to match your style!

Blush and Marble personalized prints *New for 2018* from the Words Of Wisdom Collection

MarbleKlass is the new line of wedding prints that recently was released into our Weddings Collection.

Blush and Marble wedding personalized prints *NEW for 2018* in the Weddings Collection

A nurturing palette

This blush wave has been creeping up on us for a while actually. Thinking back, it started with the Rose Quartz trend and over time evolved into Millennial Pink… those were the initial tremors. As the wave started to grow, it transcended its value as a single color. Got strengthened by the popularity of rose gold, copper, and marble. And now, finally, blush is having a major homecoming with a series of saturations from other colors and we're loving them all. Combined with neutral grays and soothing taupes, these are nurturing hues for your home and your wardrobe. At this point, the wave is unstoppable. At least not in 2018!


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