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We Were Featured In British VOGUE!

The EXCITEMENT cannot be contained!

Our already bestselling personalized print - Family Is Everything - was featured in British Vogue!!!  😂 😂 😂

We were featured in British Vogue - Living In Vogue

OK, I need to repeat this…

Family Is Everything was in the March issue of VOGUE magazine in the Living In Vogue feature!  Yeah… that felt good!

The magazine cover and the feature itself are already framed and on the wall in the office, next to our other features:

Gallery Wall of all Jibe Prints magazine features

I.   CAN’T.    EVEN….

Full disclosure, this was not a surprise to me. I’ve been hiding this piece of news in my heart since December when I was first contacted by Vogue. After the initial shock subsided, I decided not to release this info until I got the issue in my hands… I literally did not want to release it in case it turned out to be some joke! LOL! I mean, I have had success with my choppy PR skills and got Jibe Prints featured in Chatelaine and Romantic Homes previously. That was HUGE for me and I will never forget the great feeling! See all the features on our Press page.


Let’s be honest… there are magazines and then... there’s VOGUE!

And they found me!!! 😂 😂 😂

On Instagram!!

Here's the Living In Vogue feature this personalized print is part of:

Family Is Everything Personalized Print

Living In Vogue Feature - British Vogue March 2018


Vogue gave me a choice of which print to feature, and I chose Family Is Everything because I feel it’s the one print that is the epitome of Jibe Prints.

A picture is worth a thousand words… in this case, you only need three. Family Is Everything.

I started this company because I believe in a FEEL-GOOD state of mind. A curated kind of living, that either promotes GOOD VALUES or INSPIRES, LIFTS, DELIGHTS, CHEERS, or MOTIVATES.

Featuring Family Is Everything was an obvious choice. I live in Canada, we're talking British Vogue here, but the sentiment of this print holds the same value all over the world. 

This personalized print is our ultimate bestseller, so featuring it was a no-brainer and VOGUE agreed… yes, I asked... we had a conversation, this actually happened! 😂😂😂

☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ CLOUD NINE!

So to all my FRIENDS... because that’s what you are, not just customers, friends... if you bought Family Is Everything Personalized Print from our store previously, know this: you are “LIVING IN VOGUE”, girl! And if you are new to our humble shop, I invite you to have a look around and consider making this print part of your home's good vibe!

Shop Family Is Everything Personalized Print

P.S. Want to see how I made this print part of my own family gallery wall? Follow this link here.

Until next time,

Keep personalizing and curating your homes,


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