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Personalize Your Wall Art Your Way

Small details that seem subtle at first, make all the difference to some. Take Family Is Everything Personalized Print for example. Purchased more than any other print from our shop, for many good reasons I may add, it also gets “modified” the most. In this blog post, we’ll show you how you can Personalize Your Wall Art Your Way and the three ways you can modify the Family Is Everything Personalized Print so that you get EXACTLY the right version for your family’s needs!

Personalize Your Prints Your Way - a modern farmhouse coastal home with a family photo gallery wall

The Original Family Is Everything Personalized Print

The original version of this bestseller is definitely the most commonly purchased. It has two unique lines for personalization: you can add your Family Name and all your First Names. This is the version that has been featured in Vogue and it is perfect for you if you’ve already finished growing your family and want everyone’s names featured on the print.

Family Is Everything Personalized Print displayed in a rustic frame and showing where the first names and the family name goes on the print

The First Names Only Version

Once in a while, we get asked to remove the family name line from this print. If for example, you have more than one Last Name in your household, this is the version of Family Is Everything that is right for you. This is the other most common version of this print, so much so, that we have created it as a separate product in our online shop. Here’s a video preview of my family’s photo gallery wall that incorporates this exact version as a centerpiece. 


Here's a link to this version of the print in our shop.

If you’d like to see more about how I created my gallery wall from start to finish, visit this blog post: Create A Family Photo GALLERY WALL

The Family Name Only Version

Whaat? Did you see that one coming?! LOL OK, so occasionally, we get asked to remove the first names line from our Family Is Everything print. This is most often because the customer anticipates their family to grow. In this case, the version we default to is featured below. 


modern boho decor home with a framed Family Is Everything personalized print hanging on the wall

Ordering Your Versions Of Family Is Everything Personalized Print

No matter which way you’d like to have this personalized print, you can all start in the same place: Family Is Everything Personalized Print On the product page in our store, you must fill out both personalization fields to proceed to the checkout. But if you do not want one of the lines featured on the print, simply type “N/A” or “I don’t want…” in the field. You can also add a message during the checkout. Either way, as long as we get the message, we will absolutely modify your print!

Proofing Your Personalized Print

We normally do not send proofs to customers who purchase our personalized prints. After all, you get exactly what you see on the site, except with your personalizations of course. However, if you request any sort of modification to ANY of our prints, expect to see a proof come to your Inbox. Since the product will be modified past what’s seen on the product page, we absolutely want you to be HAPPY with your purchase and know what to expect. So we give you this one last look before heading into production. We’ll ask for you to review your proof and give us the GO AHEAD. After that, sit back and relax. Your personalized print will be on its way to your door shortly!

The Favourite Print For Your Family Photo Gallery Wall

Our Family Is Everything personalized print became our bestseller for ONE GOOD REASON. Because it’s such a great addition to your gallery wall! As I mentioned already, we made a separate post about the making of a gallery wall to help you conceptualize and plan your own project. There are also more ideas coming for different styles of family gallery walls in the future. 

modern farmhouse cottage with a family photo gallery wall incorporating Family Is Everything Personalized Print

One thing remains the same though… The Family Is Everything Personalized Print will make a statement on its own or as part of a gallery wall, no matter how you choose to personalize it.




coastal family is everything familygallerywall familyphotowall gallerywall

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