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Christmas Decorating With Personalized Prints

It’s so close I can smell it…

Or maybe it’s the forest-scented candle that's on my desk.

No matter, I KNOW it’s very, very near… IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS ya’ll!!!

In this quick post, I wanted to highlight the best of...

Christmas Decorating with Personalized Prints

2017 Feel-Good Christmas Vibes

Speaking of vibes, the Merry Wreath Personalized Print has got those boho vibes, thanks to the charming hoop wreath with frosted winter greens and just the right amount of pop of red. Find it in the store right now in our Seasonal Collection.

Merry Wreath Personalized Print on a shelf in a white decor home

And how about this print - Xmas Wreath Personalized Print. Same boho charm in a vertical format, customizable with your family name in a more prominent location below the wreath. 

Xmas Wreath Personalized Print displayed in a bright, minimalist room decorated for Christmas

Whichever design you prefer, they will be a warm Christmas welcome when placed near the entrance, prominently displayed in the family room next to your tree or perhaps on the mantle for all your guests to receive this personalized holiday greeting from your hearts to theirs.

Christmas Decorating Inspiration From Brilliant Lifestyle Bloggers You Should Follow

I also wanted to highlight some of our seasonal prints in the homes ( and outside ) of some very talented home decor bloggers I’ve gotten to know. Their styles, to me, are impeccable, but see for yourself...

First, may I just say… was I right or was I right, about that blush pink trend??? The blush, the bows, the pencil tree, and of course, the Reindeer Personalized Print! Simply adorable is how I can describe this image from Judy at Life Is Better At Home. And this is just in the bedroom, you must see more holiday inspiration on Judy's blog!

Reindeer Personalized Print in a blush pink Christmas decorated bedroom from Life Is Better At Home

Now.... the below vignette from the dining room of Kelly at The Tattered Pew is EVERYTHING that is magical about Christmas. It’s “magicalness” as Kelly put it recently and that's my new favorite word! Joy To The World Personalized Print completes this display. Flawless.

Joy To The World Personalized Print next to a Christmas vignette in a farmhouse home

Here's a full view of this JOYFUL vignette. Want to see what it looks like with the candles lit? Find this post on Kelly's Instagram feed and take in the MAGICALNESS!

Christmas vignette with Joy To The World personalized print, rustic chalkboard and other farmhouse decor

Now, let’s take it out outside… seriously!

The porch of all porches, as it’s known in my head and my heart, honestly, Deborah from B Vintage Style knows exactly how to decorate her porch for maximum winter feels that take your breath away! I love seeing this porch transform through the seasons and watching our bestselling Gather Personalized Print welcoming all those lucky enough to enter this home!

Gorgeous front porch with winter green decorations and a welcoming Gather Personalized Print hanging on the wall.

Want to see what this porch looks like covered in snow? Two words - Winter Wonderland! B Vintage Style is a plethora of home decor inspiration and it's a MUST on a list of those to follow, especially if you are into the cozy vibes of farmhouse charm. 

A Christmas Message From My Home

And this Believe Personalized Print is what my husband and I chose to display this season. We really are two big children in adult clothing, especially at Christmas. We fully, truly, undeniably BELIEVE... 

Believe Personalized Print displayed beside a Christmas tree

This is by far my favorite time of the year. It brings so many memories of whimsy, anticipation, happiness, playfulness... from my childhood in Poland.

Making tents under my grandma's table with my brother and cousins, waiting for the first star to appear in the sky, so that we may begin the Christmas Eve dinner ~ Searching our Christmas tree for my mom's homemade treats, which she would wrap in foil and hide in the tree ~ Sneaking under the Christmas tree with our pillows so that we can sleep there for the whole night. We had to be very sneaky because if our parents woke up, they'd drag us from under the tree and make us go sleep in our own beds. LOL! There is so much more! 

Take a moment and share your Christmas memory with me in the comments below. I'd love to hear it!

holiday decoration ruler

Have you decorated your home yet? There’s still time for those last minute additions! I don’t know about you, but I’m never fully finished. Check out all of the gems in our Seasonal Collection today!

And make sure to take a moment to see more of inspiring home décor from these amazingly talented women on their blogs and social media:

Life Is Better At Home | @lifeisbetterathome

The Tattered Pew | @thetatteredpew

B Vintage Style | @bvintagestyle


Happy decorating! 

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    Thank you Kelly! YES! New jammies are the best! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Kelly Radcliff on

    Anna thank you so much for the feature in your beautiful blog! I love your prints!
    Some of my favorite Christmas memories revolve around new jammies on Chirstmas eve!!!

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