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2018 LookBook Is Here!

2018 LookBook Is Here!

This year is going to be about YOU.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about what type of person would like the prints that we sell. What type of personality traits does she possess?

This made me grab a pen and go through a brainstorming exercise of all the words that I could think of when imagining our customers, their lives, their personalities. Not sure if it’s the coffee magic or what, but I ended up with a lot of words…. I'm also doing a month of thankfulness challenge so both kind of coincided together for one evening... this is a doodle that resulted from my brainstorming sesh...


Doodle post from 31 Days Of Thankfulness Challenge


And if you're curious about the thankfulness project, see the post 31 Days Of Thankfulness.

While working on this lookbook, I have decided to keep it very simple. My wish for this book is to be an inspiration and not a clutter of offers and buy this and buy that junk...

And then I thought, it would be fun to guess which personality traits from my brainstorming exercise would match which print in this book. That’s what you’ll see on these pages 😉 In this lookbook, you won’t find any descriptions of the prints. You’ll just see the titles and the names of the collection you can find them in. The rest is for you to determine...

I want the words on the prints to speak to you. Some won’t touch you, some might. It will depend on who you are and where you are in your life.

Your eyes will tell you all you need to know about the prints that you connect with. And when the connection is strong enough, go ahead and add YOUR NAME to it and  MAKE IT YOURS.



P.S. And you if you feel like it, shoot me an email at and TELL me about yourself. Tell me who you are. Or maybe even just one word that you think can describe you. I promise I will read EVERY email. And I am eager to hear from YOU.

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