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Personalized Christmas Prints And Holiday Gift Giving

Welcome to the magical Christmas shop where the vibe is festive and everything’s personalized!

In this post, we’re highlighting some of our favorite holiday prints!

beautiful farmhouse home decorated for Christmas with "It's the most wonderful time of the year" personalized print next to a fireplace. Blog title: Personalized Christmas Prints and Holiday Gift Giving

Farmhouse Christmas

Captain Obvious here…. Pretty much ALL of our prints will match your farmhouse decor but these few will most likely fit in this category more than others. All about that brush lettering and a touch of green, these prints will make a cheerful statement and catch the eye!

Whichever one of these you fancy more, your family name is style and incorporated into the print, which will become your holiday favorite year after year.

The classic Gather print also got revamped with some festive charm. Hint: this is the only personalized print shown in this post that can also be displayed during Thanksgiving! 

Christmas with Modern Vibes

With subtle winter colors and the ever-so-popular boho hoop wreath, these personalized prints are not your traditional holiday wall art, yet still, very X-massy in their own style.

A slightly different version of this print but in a vertical format below:

Xmas Wreath Personalized Print

It’s In the Message

Words are powerful. And the best ones are recited for generations because they have a meaning beyond their definition. Holiday quotes and songs are usually loaded with memories from childhood or other Christmas past… Add a dash of Christmas spirit to your home with one of these:

Christmas Words Personalized Print in a rustic home setting

Believe In The Magic Of Christmas personalized print on a Christmas mantle with lights and balls

Oh, Deer… It’s Christmas!

Christmas and reindeers go ( or fly! ) hand in hand so it would not be a true holiday collection without some reindeer wall art sprinkled into the mix.  

Family Christmas Personalized Print in a farmhouse home

Reindeer Personalized Print hanging on a wall in a rustic mud room with other Christmas decorations

The Magic... Of Holiday Gift Giving

One of the greatest joys of Christmas, in my mind, is the joy of gift giving.... aaaand... enter an exhausted sigh 😩 followed by an eye roll 🙄... because before you get to that "joy" part, you first must stress over the "shopping for the perfect gift" part! This Christmas remember: EVERYONE LOVES PERSONALIZED GIFTS! When you give a personalized gift, you show the recipient that it was made just for them and you ~ the gift-giving ninja 🤓 ~ were thoughtful enough to do that! Pat yourself on the back later, but for now, match a print from any one of our collections to each person on your list!

Family Is Everything Personalized Print wrapped in a red bow as a holiday gift

dotted line

dotted line


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