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My Gallery Wall

If you are looking to see HOW I created my gallery wall, follow the link to this post:


If you just want to stick around and chat about gallery walls… keep reading :) 

Anna in her dining room in front of the gallery wall - blog post titled my gallery wall

By now, it's become our most pinned subject on our Pinterest boards and when I look at the analytics it's only growing! Yet when I look back, I didn't even know where to start with my gallery wall at first. I have seen images of beautiful family photo walls on Instagram and Pinterest BUT the task always seemed too big and complicated to me. I’m a natural born procrastinator... and an even bigger dreamer! So the urge to search for more pretty pictures to pin and to delay creating a gallery wall was my official approach to it… naturally. 

But once I got my Family Is Everything personalized print, things got a little exciting.

Finally, I had an excuse to go shopping. Home decor shopping is one of my favorite things to do :) Ikea? Yes, please! Basically, the part I thought was going to be the hardest - hanging and aligning the frames on the wall, was pretty much the first thing I did. For a short while I had empty frames hanging on the wall while the photos were being printed. I was so happy and proud of putting it all together, I didn’t even mind the frames were empty. See the whole process here.

Anna adjusting a photo frame on her gallery wall

Withstanding the test of time

Now that it’s been a couple of years, you’d think I got used to seeing my gallery wall... 

Not really. I’m still incredibly proud of myself for creating it and love looking at it. As a matter of fact, I have redecorated the dining room and family room several times (don’t ask…) and my gallery wall is the one anchor that remains consistent because it’s just too special.  And speaking of getting used to it… That’s the thing about having your favorite photos displayed on the wall. Sometimes you kind of forget to look at them... Or you just start ignoring them for a while. You know what I mean… just like that messy corner you ignore so many times, you actually stop seeing it. Until one day you stop and look and get reminded of all those special moments. And your love for your gallery wall and the satisfaction of doing it yourself comes flooding back again along with all those memories. When I walk into my dining room and look at my photo wall, I know I’m home.. 

And that’s the thing about gallery walls...

They seem to be timeless! Because you took the best of your family photos and memories and bundled them together around one, also timeless, sentiment: FAMILY IS EVERYTHING. 

Anna drinking coffee at the dining room table with the gallery wall in the background


This print, by the way, has become such a staple in this store. It's been featured in Vogue and it is a bestseller in the shop. If you are thinking of getting just ONE print that will fit in with your own gallery wall, I suggest that’s the one get!

Shop Family Is Everything Personalized Print

Do you stop at just one wall?

By now, I have several other gallery walls around the house. So the answer to that question is a solid NO! And I hope, if you are reading this, you were also thinking of creating your own gallery wall. You will truly enjoy it. It’s just one of those projects that is not super complicated but you get so much value out of it!  I mean, the sheer amount of compliments from people who visit our home and look at it, makes me feel soooo good... Truly appreciate that since I'm just a girl, trying to make her home hers… one room and one gallery wall at a time. ( I know that was super cheesy BUT IT'S TRUE, LOL ) 

And you can too :) 

If you have any questions about my family photo wall or about any of my personalized prints, please leave a comment below. 

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