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2018 FREE Marble & Blush Printable Calendar

As I’m planning the last two months of this year... I can’t help but wonder what my 2018 will bring. That’s a silly saying... the year 2018 cannot (itself) bring me anything. A lot of what will happen will be a direct result of what I do. And what I do is a result of my thinking and planning… so here we are.
I need to get started.

2018 Free Printable Calendar in Marble and Blush in a beautiful pink and white workspace
Plan Like A Boss

I love planning. I really LOVE planning! And sure, I don’t always accomplish everything I set out for myself. I’m NOT perfect and I do get tempted, occasionally, to binge watch the entire two seasons of Stranger Things instead of working. And I can be the queen of procrastination in about a thousand different ways. It’s one of my hidden talents ;) But I plan like a boss. Because the things I accomplish at the end of the month or the year, outnumber all the things I didn’t do - all the things I only wished I did, but didn’t, because I didn’t feel like spending a chunk of my time on my dreams, my wants, and my needs and yes, all the things that I don’t really care much about, but I know they
just. need. to. get. done.

2018 Free Printable Calendar on a laptop in a white bed with coffee and a treat

Planning 2018 In Style

So. If I’m going to plan, I want to do it in style! And since I’m totally obsessed with the blush/marble combo these days (more on that in my next blog about trends), the 2018 printable calendar that I am releasing today is all about that!

Gorgeous blush boho home office workspace with a free 2018 printable calendar in marble and blush displayed on the wall above the desk

2018 Printable Calendar Package

This calendar ZIP package includes 6 high-quality PDF printable files with 12 monthly calendar pages, 12 monthly planner pages, a weekly planner page, a year-at-a-glance grid calendar, plus notes and journal pages. That’s 28 pages in total and FREE for you right here! Each planner page has a space for top 3 most important goals/to-dos so you can prioritize better. And if you run out of space, just print an additional page!
You have two months to get it planned. Then, starting January 1, 2018 –

All 28 pages of the 2018 free printable calendar package: monthly calendar pages, monthly planner pages, weekly planner, 2018 grid calendar page, journal and notes pages.

 ***NOTE: the downloading of our 2018 Calendar has now EXPIRED.

2018 calendar free 2018 free printable calendar 2018 printable calendar blush and marble decor free printable marble and blush calendar monthly and weekly planner free printable monthly planner printable weekly planner

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  • Jibe Prints on

    We are putting together a 2019 calendar and it will be available soon!

  • Sarah on

    Hi there! I’ve been using this calendar collection ALL YEAR and was wondering if you have this for 2019 as well? I’m an events coordinator at a university and I can’t tell you how helpful and beautiful this collection has been for me. Thank you!!

  • Jibe Prints on

    Bella, can you please email – I have tried to send the calendar files to your email (don’t want to post it here) but it comes back as undeliverable… email doesn’t exist? As soon as I see your email I will reply with all calendar files :)

  • Bella on

    Hi i have problem with downloading can you send it to my mail to?!! Tnx

  • Jibe Prints on

    Hi Danny, thank you for your comment. Just sent it all to your email :)

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