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2020 FREE Marble & Blush Printable Calendar

Another year and another FREE Printable Calendar. And let's not fix what's not broken... I've had so many requests for the 2020 version of our Marble & Blush printable calendar that we are doing it again! How can marble and blush get tired? Not likely... at least not this year. So here it is... enjoy! 😆

2020 Free Marble & Blush printable calendar pages and planner pages

Calendar, Monthly Planner And So Much More

Every year, my approach to setting goals and planning my life changes a bit. I keep doing what works and find better ways of striving to achieve the goals that didn't quite work out previously. This calendar and planner pages have proven to be the right method for me over the past few years for keeping track of my goals and my progress. And I'm so happy that I can share it with others. 

Included in the package you will find 27 pages:

  • 12 Monthly Grid Calendar Pages
  • 12 Monthly Planner Pages
  • 1 Weekly Planner Page
  • 1 Notes Page
  • 1 Journal Page

Modern black and white work space with a framed calendar printable

2020 - The Year Of GYST

Getting Your Stuff Together is my focus this year. I tend to procrastinate with a lot of stuff that I don't really like doing... so writing all the stuff that I NEED to do, but don't necessarily EVER feel like doing, is the only thing that helps me be a functioning human being... ;) so just like last year, the monthly and weekly planner pages are going to be my tool to ADULTING like a pro! I love the minimalistic design of each page and there is enough room for me to fill in all my goals and tasks. The colored sections on the planner pages help me easily prioritize the most important to-dos.

2020 free marble & blush printable calendar, monthly planner, weekly planner, notes pages and journal pages

Hope you enjoy using this printable for your own personal use or at work. 

CLICK HERE to download the 2020 Printable Calendar

marble and blush 2020 printable planner page

Share your thoughts on this product ~ leave a comment below! And what do you think? Is it time to retire the Marble and Blush theme? 

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  • koksal on

    They all look great. Congrats!

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