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2019 FREE Marble & Blush Printable Calendar

Yes, we did it again!

We introduced this gorgeous printable package last year and it went over so well! I was blown away by the number of downloads we had well into December... what?? And then we've been sent so many requests for the 2019 version... I just couldn't ignore it. So here it is, the 2019 Marble & Blush Calendar package... unpacked! 😆

marble & blush printable calendar attached to a clip board

Planning For The Year - Work In Progress

I still love planning... It's been so many years since I discovered the joy of writing things down and then of checking them off when complete. It's addictive and I'm a bit obsessed. And almost every year I try a new technique or system to improve my chances of success with my goals. Life gets in a way sometimes, and yes, sometimes it's me... And also things change or evolve and sometimes I have a need to revise or elaborate on parts of my plan. Printables like this one really do come in handy then. I can just re-print the page to either add to the existing one or replace it.

Just like I am, my calendar is a work in progress all year round.

2019 calendar page and a weekly planner page with a laptop and coffee on a comfy bed

Planning 2019 In Style

I like pretty things. They make me happy, positive and creative. And I need that when I plan my days, weeks and months! I also prefer a clean design. I want the things I write down to take the stage, it's what's really important. Not the page design around it. But that doesn't mean it can't be stylish! And this calendar package is planning gold! Minimalistic in design, with beautiful typography and enough room to write down all my important things to-dos and goals for each month and week. The highlighted areas on the planners, the first three rows of goals and to-dos, help me remember to prioritize. 

view of all of the pages inside the 2019 free printable calendar package

What's Inside The 2019 Calendar Package

So here's the breakdown: this free calendar package includes 5 high-quality PDF printable files with 12 monthly calendar pages, 12 monthly planner pages, a weekly planner page, plus notes and journal pages. Totalling 27 pages of FREE planning bonanza! And if you run out of space, just print an additional page!

Are you ready to plan and get things done?


CLICK HERE to download the 2019 Printable Calendar


Hope you enjoy this free printable! We love to be able to provide this to you here and hope that it helps you plan your best year yet! Stay on our mailing list ~ there are other printables coming and will be sent occasionally.

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  • Ashley Hernandez on

    Has the 2020 version been released yet? I used these for work and I’d love to get them ASAP!!!

  • Anna { Jibe Prints } on

    YES! 2020 version is coming out in a few days! Thanks everyone for your interest :)

  • Ashe on

    These are so beautiful! Thank you so much for making these. ♥

    I hope you make one for 2020!

  • Ash Marie on

    Will we be getting a 2020 calendar?! Looking forward to it!

  • Sarah on

    Hi there! I’ve adored this set in 2018 and this year in 2019. Now that there are only about 5-6 weeks left of 2019, I find myself in desperate need of the 2020 updated version… any idea when that will come out? Thank you!!

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